Episode 130 - Return Of Qings

Jun 11, 2018116 minutes

This week - Ryan puts a red pill in every young Marine's MRE, long hair on boys, lemonade stands and a brief discussion of the Falklands war.

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Questions for the Mannerbund can be sent to us by emailing: fatherlandpodcast@gmail.com

Host: Jim The Mannerbund: Keigh S. Keats, Ryan Intern: Borzoi

D'nate PayPal: fatherlandpodcast@gmail.com

Fatherland Twitter: https://twitter.com/fatherlandradio

Fatherland PO Box: PO Box 544 Bentley, LA 71407

Hour 1

Break: Airport Lounge

Hour 2

  • Donations and mail
  • Zinc sharpens zinc
  • The Ryan Falklands
  • Angry spaghetti
  • Toddler tantrums at parties
  • Hair and there

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