Episode 155: "The Florida Sound"

Apr 3, 2019225 minutes

Jim announces a new addition to the family.

Episode 154: "Dogs Don't Go to Heaven"

Mar 25, 2019241 minutes

Tree surgery and Jesus

Episode 153: "Fugue State Jim"

Mar 20, 2019215 minutes

Jim talks about memes, gets some of the wildest calls ever

Episode 151: "With Walrus Aurelius"

Mar 20, 2019192 minutes

Jim talks with Walrus Aurelius, mostly about being a machinist.

Episode 152: "The Rest of the Story"

Mar 12, 2019250 minutes

Wiping ass, mowing grass

Episode 150: "Do the White Thing"

Feb 19, 2019235 minutes

naps, rental properties, horse girls

Episode 149: "Johnny Bidet"

Feb 11, 2019254 minutes

buying used cars, kids fail at tech, bidets

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