Episode 148: Cheek Meat

Feb 4, 2019180 minutes

appliance repair, food storage, bedroom "accidents"

Episode 147

Jan 28, 2019201 minutes

Fashy GF doxx, OTR trucking

Episode 146

Jan 25, 2019272 minutes

Hashtag MAGAkids, buying houses

Episode 145: Fair Use

Jan 14, 2019148 minutes

Jim interviews hellfire preacher Fair Use.

Episode 144

Jan 8, 2019245 minutes

Jim tries to talk about how great it is to be a dad but ends up talking about a lot of other things.

Episode 143: 2 Hours a Day

Dec 17, 2018200 minutes

Jim talks about his new house, finding faith, and getting kids to play outside.

Episode 142: Hook Called It, I Can't Remember

Dec 3, 2018242 minutes

This week: Mono Genocide, Return of Joe

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